Awesome Sunday 3 Tank… How We Do It! 5/7

A FANTASTIC DAY broke out on Sunday for the Island Divers Hawaii Sunday 3 Tanker that was full to capacity! Joining us for a day full of adventures was Donald, Jerry, Kevin, Hanza, Veronique, James, Jennifer, Justin, Kevin, William, Paul, Phillip, Rebecca, and Steve. With the boat locked and loaded we set out to Maunalua Bay to find our first drop site… Corsair!

Corsair, our famous WW2 plane that sunk in 1946 after ditching in 106 ft of water. One of our favorite wrecks. Dropping down the lines our divers were treated to near perfect conditions: 100 ft visibility, No currents, and plenty of activity. Our resident Eel Big Bertha was hanging out, Garden Eels in the distance, and plenty of fish. Pretty cool…

After an hour surface interval we tied up to our next wrecks: Sitting at 95 ft the YO257 and the San Pedro… a two wrecks for one dive site! Also you have to be on the lookout for the Atlantis Submarine that cruises through the neighborhood! Again great conditions as we navigated to the San Pedro and back over to the YO257. Trevali fish hunting in and around the wrecks, 7 Spotted Eagle Rays in formation, and a new visitor to the area… large Grey Triggerfish.

Another surface interval and a quick lunch and soon dropping 50 ft onto our last dive of the day… a drift of Fantasy Reef. Currents were up a bit so we scooted pretty quickly along the coral formations and swim throughs. Lots of Turtles, Eels, and reef fish wizzing bye. A great end to a fantastic day out in the Bay.

Mahalo to all our divers for a safe and fun day out in the pristine Oahu waters… till we dive again… ALOHA!

DAVE Instructor

MARY Instructor

SHILOH Captain


Corsair  106 ft

YO257/ San Pedro 95 ft

Fantasy Reef 50 ft

Water Temp 77*

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