A Day of Nitrox Diving

Today was a wonderful day on the waters of south Oahu with a great group of divers. We had most of the boat diving enriched air nitrox with a few of the guys finishing up there EAN class.  We had planned to tie up for the first dive but as we got to the barges we had a ripping current and opted for a barge drift. It is such a wonderful dive being able to drift past Baby Barge, New Barge, and the LCU in one dive. There were turtles all around the Baby Barge and fish life throughout the dive. We even saw two massive ulua on New Barge.

For the second dive we drifted Fantasy Reef. The current had gotten weaker but we still moved well along the reef site. There were more turtles around and eels hiding in the reef everywhere. We had a few barracuda and schools of butterflyfish and snapper all over the reef.

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