Entries by Mark Savel

Clear Weather and Waters

It was a wonderful day out on the Sea Fox today off the southeast side of Oahu.  The water was crystal clear as we dropped in on the Kahala Barge.  As we got down to the site there were reef fish all about with schools of pyramid butterflyfish and wrasses swimming around. We also spotted  […]

Summer Fun on Oahu

It was a nice day out on the water this morning, scuba diving off the southeast side of Oahu.  We had a wonderful group of divers all diving nitrox as we headed to the LCU for the first dive. We had some current as we tied up to the site and some great visibility as […]

The Clear Maunalua Bay

It was an absolutely wonderful morning scuba diving off the south east coast of Oahu today. We had a great group of divers as we headed out to the Corsair for the first dive. Dropping in the water we had no current and 100 ft of visibility. It was the perfect time to dive the […]

Lake Maunalua Bay

It was one of those spectacular days out on waters of the southeast side of Oahu. We had a nice group of divers today was we headed for the LCU for the first dive. There was a little rain but crystal clear, blue water as we tied up to the site. There was no current […]

A Day of Nitrox Diving

Today was a wonderful day on the waters of south Oahu with a great group of divers. We had most of the boat diving enriched air nitrox with a few of the guys finishing up there EAN class.  We had planned to tie up for the first dive but as we got to the barges […]

Fantasy reef and Corsair had great visibility for viewing butterfly fish, yellow margin moray and more.

This morning was a great day diving off the southeast side of Oahu. There was a rising swell today on the south side but the water was crystal clear with a little surge.  For the first dive we tied up to the Corsair and we could see the wreck from the surface. As we got […]