Another Fine Day Out in the Bay!

Yes! Another fine day out in the Maunalua Bay with two really good dives!

Today had a lot going on with people doing either open water, advanced, or just diving for fun. With three instructors: Dave, Alaina, and myself we figured out our groups. Captain Joe gave the briefing and we were on our way to see what we could find. With a water temperature of about 80 degrees the water was becoming very inviting on this hot day.

Our first stop was Koko Craters, a shallow dive with a max depth of 40 feet. Here at this site we spotted many turtles getting their shells cleaned off by fishes and chilling in the sand. Along with these relaxed sea life we saw the hawaiian state fish, “Bertha” a moray eel, and many other marine life.

We made our way out to our next stop which was Angler’s Reef which had a max depth of 46 feet. Angler’s is a mini wall that is teeming with life such as octopus, trumpet fish, a very, very big sea turtle, and not to forget all the many eels that call this particular site home.

So with a couple students who are well on their way to achieving or “joining the ranks” of certified divers and also a couple more who are broadening and advancing their education in the diving world, early congrats to all!

A very big shoutout to Dave and Alaina for helping me out with the groups and making another day of diving a great success!!!

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