Summer Fun on Oahu

It was a nice day out on the water this morning, scuba diving off the southeast side of Oahu.  We had a wonderful group of divers all diving nitrox as we headed to the LCU for the first dive. We had some current as we tied up to the site and some great visibility as we got down the line. There were fish all about the wreck with wrasses, butterflyfish, and snapper swimming about. There were also a couple turtle s resting on the top of the wreck. Soon we were off to the second dive site.

For the second dive site we headed in to one of our shallow site as the wind picked up. We dropped in at Turtle Canyons with nice calm conditions and had a great long dive. There were turtles everywhere with a few swimming about and some resting on the reef. There were also a few eels about and we even found a large helmet snail in the sand. It was a great was to spend a nice summer morning.

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