Diving in Hawaii… its GRRRRRRRRRREAT! 9 4 17

As the iconic Tony the Tiger would say, and you will understand the reference soon :)! A beautiful Monday morning sprang to life as a adventurous group of divers boarded the Sea Fox for adventure… and they were not disappointed! Ready to tackle Maunalua Bay were Ben, Breawna, Cory, Dan, Robert, Jai, James, Joe Kim, John, Michael, Mike, and Christina. We motored out of the harbor enroute to our first site: LCU.

Ah LCU, one of my favorite sites due to its abundance of life. So many things to see… from White Tip Reef Sharks, Pacific Barracuda, Spotted Eagle Rays, Hawaiian Green Turtles, and so many species of fish, Eels, and Octopus.

they put on quite a show at LCU!

After a required surface interval it was on to our next site: Fantasy Reef!

Now let me just start by saying that I always tell my students and Certified Divers that one of the great things about diving is NEVER SAY NEVER! Because Mother Nature will throw you a Curve every once in a while and BLOW YOUR MIND! Well… it happened today.

The dive started as usual with the  common siting’s of Hawaiian Green Turtles and Great Barracuda


And we ran across a White Tip Reef Shark laying in a small cave

so all was well… until I rose up above the reef and came face to face with a 10ft TIGER SHARK! It was no more than 15ft away from me crossing from my right to my left, its beautiful stripes and distinctive eye gazing right at me. It continued on its path as several divers pointed in awe of its powerful tail. As I tried to chase it whipped its massive tail twice and was GONE!

MIND BLOWN! As far as I know it was the first confirmed sighting of a Tiger Shark at Fantasy Reef.


GoPro footage courtesy of Mike Davis

An EPIC DAY! And so that’s why I say… Diving with IDH… its GRRRRRRREAT! Thank you so much for a fantastic day of diving! Until we dive again…ALOHA!




LCU 90ft

Fantasy Reef 50ft

Water temp 80


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