Say Do You Remember….How Diving was in September?!?

The day was hot and made us ready to get into the amazing 80 degree water. We had certified divers, student divers, and DSD’s eager to see what the ocean would let us see that day. We talked it over and quickly figured out that Koko Craters was the site to check out. Captain Joe got us to the 36 ft site where we encountered a variety of sea life. We saw turtles, eels, trigger fish, puffer fish, and much more.

Once back on board we charted our next course for a site nearby called Angler’s Reef. Max depth on this site was 47 ft. Along the mini wall we saw a variety of sea life from moray eels, trumpet fish, butterfly fish, sea urchins, and different shells.

On both sites we had really good visibility and good conditions. Big shoutout to Bill and Evans for helping me out with everyone.

Big congrats to the Schumann family (Paul, Sarah, and Elijah) on joining our ranks of certified divers.


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