Aloha Friday Drifting!

A beautiful Aloha Friday broke out this morning as our fearless dive group boarded the Sea Fox looking forward to an exciting day out in Maunalua Bay. Ready to explore the ocean blue was Aaron, Alex, Andrew, Dustin, Elizabeth, Jimmy, Heather, Grady, Tammy, John, Marcus, Matt and Ty. A great group of excited and experienced divers. We set our sites on LCU, but with a ripping current it was decided that we would DRIFT THE BARGES! YAY MY FAVORITE! We dropped down onto Baby Barge first…

And plenty of Turtles getting their spa day in!

Next we drifted to New Barge…

And a large group of HUGE Alua were ducking in and around the inside of the wreck…

and finally we dropped into LCU…

Three White Tip Reef Sharks resting inside the wreck! A great dive!

After a sufficient surface interval it was on to Fantasy Reef… a beautiful coral reef that sits at around 50ft.

LOTS of Turtle action!

A friendly Barracuda!

A fantastic day of drift diving was had by all! thank you to all our divers for a safe and fun day out in the water! Till we dive again… ALOHA!


Lloyd  OWSI



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