Advancing our diving skills!

Another beautiful day broke out in Maunalua Bay as our diving friends boarded the Sea Fox to drop below the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Along for a great day of diving was Advanced Open Water Students Mike and Katherine,  along with certified divers Judy, Ed, Jon, Maxine, David, Chris, and Jaclyn. We departed the marina and headed off to our first site: Kahala Barge.

Kahala Barge is a ship that was sunk in the 80s to make a coral reef site. She sits at approximately 95 feet of water and is a nice site to enter and train on the proper way to dive Deep and how to be safe around wreck sites. We descended safely down to the ship and entered the bow area to look inside. Lots to see here…

  Yellow Margin Moray Eel

  Whitemouth Moray Eel

  Spotted Eagle Ray

A great dive. Awesome conditions and some great sea creatures.

Soon it was back on the boat and on to Spitting Caves. Just south of Portlock and east of China walls is a great site known as Spitting Caves. A drift site that is teeming with sea life big and small. Dropping off the boat and drifting around 40ft there are lava structures, small caves, and coral areas that are home to fish, eels, octopus, frog fish, just about everything you can find across Hawaii you can find here… including an occasional Monk Seal, Dolphins, and Humpback Whales when the season hits here in the winter months. But today we saw:

  Yellow Margin Moray Eel

  Undulated Moray Eel

  Hawaiian Green Turtle

Another fantastic dive… thank you to all our divers for a safe and fun day out on the Sea Fox. Until we dive again: ALOHA!

Kahala Barge 95 ft

Fantasy Reef 45 ft

Water Temp 79*

Instructor DAVE

Captain JOE

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