Divers under glass!

We love diving in Maunalua Bay on any day because of all the life and wrecks that are hidden under her waters. But there are days that can only be classified as EPIC and today was one of those days. 2 lucky divers joined me today aboard the Sea Fox: Monica and Rob. They chose to dive the wreck LCU as our first dive site, and she did not disappoint us. We were met by an ocean that looked like glass on the surface and perfect conditions at the site: 100 ft plus visibility and no current. We dropped down the lines and into the upside down wreck…

We were met by a 5ft white tip and during the dive we saw 3 more outside the wreck and under the Z blocks. They were very active today!

next up…

Two Spotted Eagles soaring above us…

a large school of Pacific Barracuda cruising along side…

and two Octopus hiding under the blocks…

So much to see it was sensory overload! a great dive!

Refuel and hydrate during a short surface interval and  it was on to our next site: a drift dive of Spitting Caves.

Eels of all kinds such as this White Mouth Moray…

And turtles drifting bye on their way to lunch!

It was a perfect day all around, with great divers, beautiful creatures, and awesome  me conditions! Thank you so much to all our divers for a safe and fun day out on the Sea Fox. Till we dive again… ALOHA!

DAVE Instructor

JOE Captain


LCU 90 ft


Water 78*

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