Hump Day Hullabaloo!

A windy Wednesday met our 3 divers Andrew, Joel, and David as the Sea Fox left the dock headed to our first destination: LCU. The sunken transport WW2 era ship that seems to be a hotbed of activity here in Maunaloa Bay. Its one of my favorite site due to the amount of life found here. Today was no different…

Ah our White Tips… under the wreck, outside the wreck, and a juvenile under the Z Blocks…

A single Eagle Ray circled the ship several times, enjoying the small current…

A school of Pacific Barracuda stood watch over the wreck..

And finally a small group of Great Barracuda have been gaining numbers and hunting in the area…

An epic first dive today! Next stop: Fantasy Reef!

And today was Turtle DAY!

Turtles everywhere and very active..

And Eels: Yellow Margin, White Mouth, and Snowflakes… awesome dive!

A great way to spend the middle of the week… thank you to all our divers for  a safe and fun day out in the Bay! Till we dive again: ALOHA!


MATT Captain


LCU 90″

Fantasy Reef 50″

Temp 76*

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