Awesome Thursday Diving

Always great to have a smaller group for a morning advanced dive on the Sea Fox. Today we were happy to have Katie, Victor, Ryan, Bailey, and Jackie join us on a Thursday morning that turned out to be beautiful both above and below the water. Water temps have begun to drop, but the cooler waters bring our most famous visitors to Maunalua Bay: Humpback Whales!

We departed the dock and made our way to our first deep wreck site of the day: LCU which is a Landing Craft purposely sunk in the 80s that sits at 90 ft.

One of the favorites are the White Tip Reef Sharks that love to sleep under and around the ship. Beautiful and graceful swimmers that rest under the ship and among the blocks.

Awesome Spotted Eagle Rays in formation

After a short surface interval and a chance to grab a snack, we dropped down to do a drift of Fantasy Reef…

One of the favorites at Fantasy Reef… Hawaiian Green Turtles!

White tips resting in the lava formations…

and the Great Barracuda hunting for his lunch…

A great Thursday of diving for all, and a big Thank You to all our divers for a fun and safe day out in the bay! Till we dive again… ALOHA!

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