Year End Scuba Adventures

As the year 2017 begins to wrap up, I look back at all the great people I met through the year, all the fantastic adventures I’ve had, and on to 2018 which I know will be even better! Today was no exception… I had a fantastic group of divers made up of Corrinna, Jennie, John, Pat, Scott, Katelyn, Brian, and Taylor. We found that as we reached LCU there was a very strong current. so we decided to drift the barges, which is one of my favorite things to do. We do a negative entry as we drop down on the LCU, then head in the direction of the current as we pass over other wreck sites. It requires some skill and experience in diving, so not for the beginner.  The dive was awesome with good visibility  as we entered the LCU, drifted along over Z Blocks, and finished the dive over New Barge.

The waters were so calm we decided to try Sea Cave which is a site between China Walls and Hanama Bay. A great cave entry site and then drift along a wall.

Entrance to Sea Cave with a White Tip exiting

White Tips resting in the rocks of Sea Cave

Sea Cave Hawaiian Green Turtle

Wall Yellow Margin Eel

Another Fantastic Day out on the wall. Thank you to all our divers for a safe and fun day out in the bay. Till we dive again…ALOHA!


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