Diving at the end of the Road – at the base of the Kaena Point Trailhead

August 19th Club Beach dive

So this past weekend the Oahu Scuba Diving club headed out to Makaha Beach for a BBQ and a couple of dive from the beach to Makaha Caverns, what made this dive special is that the club had the South Seas II moored near the caverns, so divers were able to take a surface interval on the boat and change tanks out there.  Pretty cool event that is free to club members.  If you haven’t joined, you probably should.  Here are a few pics.  Scroll down if you want to read about the Kaena Point shore dive that broke out at this event.

Joining the club

If you are looking for information on joining the club, we do cool events all year long, and you get everyday discounts on boat charters.  It is a great deal.  Here the link to find out more.

Exploration Dive

So I’ve been in the diving industry on Oahu for many years, but I have never jumped in the water off the beach at the end of the road which is the trailhead for Keana Point.  For those of you that don’t know, that is were the road ends and the trail to Ka’ena Point starts.  Turns out there is a reasonable beach entry there if the sure is small.  It is a little bit of a scramble, and I slipped on my butt once, but not to bad over all.  You’ll know you are at the right place when you see the No Parking, Emergency Turnaround signs


beach entry at Kaena Point

The entry

road near Kaena Point

Looking back down the road. See the legal parking?

Emergency Turn around signs at Kaena Point

Close when you see these signs

The Kaena Point Dive

So getting in not a big deal, sandy area in waist deep water good for putting on fins.  Then basically you follow the channel that you start in out to sea.  I’m used google maps to see that I went about 1500ft out before turn around.  The coolest part of the dive was at the turn around, and I’m posting that video here.  You can also see that with more air/time there is quite a bit more to explore.  The average depth was probably only 25ft, so make sure you are weighted.  Overall I wouldn’t rate this one of the best shore dives on Oahu, but it did take me 18 years to get here, and it was neat.  Next time, scooter and a rebreather.  Here is the screenshot I took off Google that gave me distance:

dive map of Kaena Point shore dive

The Kaena Point Dive Video

So you can see from the dive map that I turned around when I hit a small wall, about 8′ high, that held a ton of fish.  Got a nice little video clip that I will share.


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