Freediving Charters

Freediving Charters

Many of you probably know that freediving is a rapidly growing sport, and freediving on Oahu is no exception.  On August 11th, with the support of members of the Oahu Freedivers Facebook group, we organized our first freediving charter through sister company Oahu Dolphin Divers which operates the South Seas II on the Waianae coast.  The trip was a success, and everyone local said they would be back.  We will be able to improve the event with more down lines for line diving, and better surface rigs.  Assuming continued support from the freediving community, these charters will become regular events, monthly for now and more if demand increases.  The next event is Saturday Sept 15th at 1pm departing from Waianae Small boat harbor.  The price is only $40 and participants bring their own personal freediving equipment.  Here is the link if you would like to book the next charter

Future Plans

One request that we received was charters at more modest depths.  As we continue to train new freedivers, this is likely to be in the works.  In the mean time, we have an introduction to freediving event scheduled for Sept 23rd, 2018.  Book that here.

Freedive Training

Currently, we have the option to enroll in a PADI FreeDiver course.  This course takes place on Friday evenings with an academic and pool session, and is followed by an open water session the next day under the supervision of a PADI Freediving Instructor.  This is the best way to get into the sport and learn about the modest equipment requirements for this sport.  Call 808 397 5370 to learn more and enroll in this course.

Trip Report August 11th 2018

The images below are from the inaugural freediving charter.  We first went to the Mahi wreck, were the surface current was a bit of a challenge.  However, about halfway through being there a manta ray came by on the surface.  There was also an eagle ray cruising the wreck, which was visible after you had dove done about 20ft.  We have orginally planned to stay at the wreck for all 3 hours of diving, but after a couple of hours we decided that it would be fun to explore the swim throughs at Makaha Caverns.  Lot of turtles, a white tip, and plenty of freediving under and through the shallow arches and caverns.

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