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Philippines January 30th – February 6th & February 6th -13th, 2016

Magic Oceans Scuba Diver’s Macro Mecca Only $1749 Package Includes Unlimited Diving Package Nitrox Package (unlimited) Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner One Hour Massage The Philippines is part of the “Coral Triangle” area with more species of fish and corals than any other marine environment on earth.  Some call the PI reef “The Amazon of the […]

Reasons Why You Should Stay Hydrated Before Scuba Diving in Hawaii

It’s ironic that the sport that has us surrounded by water can cause us to lose it. Here at Island Divers Hawaii we’ve seen a lot of dehydration in our time, which can be dangerous given all of the environmental factors that are already in place to cause it. Diving in tropical settings where the […]

3 Things You Must Be Able to Do to Become Scuba Certified

Scuba diving is an exceptional sport that allows you to enjoy a world that is magical, mysterious, and compelling. At Island Divers there isnt a day that goes by that we’re not celebrating the beauties of Hawaii’s amazing marine environment. And in this spirit, we are always excited when people come to us wishing to […]

Six Myths About Scuba Diving

At Island Divers we hear a lot of unfounded concerns when it comes to scuba diving. From questions to fears to odd pronouncements, we’ve heard so much misinformation on what it takes to become a certified diver, let alone just get in the water, that we really feel we need to bust some of these […]

Who wants to be an ASTRONAUT? rEvo ‘TRY DIVES’ now available at IDH

Dive the rEvo III hCCR… the most advanced diving system on the planet!   The rEvo hCCR(hybrid closed circuit rebreather) is the most advanced cutting edge, diving system available for underwater exploration. It rivals the astronaut’s primary life support system and shares much of the same technology. The rEvo hCCR recirculates and conditions the onboard […]