Hawaii Scuba University Fun Dive at 100ft hole

Hawaii Scuba University is a professional diving school associated with Island Divers.  Alumni and current students get together once a month just for a fun dive.  We try and go to spots that are more challenging, dove less often, and where new dive instructors and dive master may have not yet been since they have been doing most of their training as or with students.  This month we hit the 100ft hole.  A small dive site in 85ft of water (thus the name of course) that is somewhat isolated from other reefs.  Local lore has it that this location used to be a fishing spot reserved for the Ali’i (chief/king).

Westside EnZo Two tank and Burger BBQ

We set off for the Westside with an amazing group of divers and 30 full tanks. What a beautiful drive to that side of the island! The mountains develop the deep grooves where the waterfalls plunge after high rainfalls.
We boarded the Enzo and headed to the Mahi an old Navy mind sweeper ship. Max depth is about 90ft (bottom of the hull). The deck is at about 75ft. We maintained a bottom time of about 40 min.

3 Tanker Monk Seal Spanker


Epic advanced 3 tank dive charter today off the Seafox. Our first dive we headed over to the side-by-side YO-257 and San Pedro wrecks (max depth: 90 ft, bottom time: 29 mins). On top of the San Pedro we witnessed 2 enormous Green Sea Turtles battling each other for the best napping spot and then found a playful octopus to top off the dive.

A Change to Scuba Diving in Oahu

Today we headed out to the Corsair dive site for the first dive of the morning. As we headed down the line we found out the recent big swell has done a little damage to the plane wreck. After being down for over 65 years, the Corsair is showing true wear. The fuselage has broken just behind the cockpit and part of the tail in now in the sand. There are still fish all about the plane including a couple large goatfish and amberjacks. We also found a frogfish hiding out around the mooring and had garden eels all around the site.

Swell? What Swell?


Today it looks like the South swell has finally started to decline so we were able to get back our normal sites here in Maunalua Bay. We started at the WWII Corsair wreck, which actually is now sitting tilted on its side from the swell that hit. Vis is back to awesome there and we got to see the resident frogfish as well as the even more camoflaged resident crocodile eel.

An Afternoon of Scuba Diving Oahu

We had a nice day on the water scuba diving off the south east side of Oahu today. We headed out for a couple shallow reef dives and had wonderful viz on both dives. For the first site we dove Anglers Reef and had a little bit of a current as we descended to the bottom. There was fish life all about the reef with squirrelfish hiding under the reef and goatfish and butterflyfish swimming all about. There were also a couple eels hiding about the reef.

Not Oahu Scuba Diving But Molokai Diving

Today we did an unusual trip across to our nearest neighboring island, Molokai, for some scuba Diving. Leaving Friday night we motored across the channel with our captains Joe and Tim taking turns while the customers and staff slept in the cabin or out on the deck. After a rather adventurous crossing we made it to the NE corner of Molokai for the first dive with the hopes of spotting sharks. It was a great reef area with lots of fish life including wrasses and butterflyfish everywhere. At the very end of the dive a few divers caught a glimpse of a hammerhead shark!

They Call Me The Monk Seal Whisperer

WRITTEN BY Andrew Corley

On my first dive back from a trip to Thailand I couldn’t have had a better way to be welcomed back to Oahu! We tied up at the 90′ LCU wreck and dropped in on one of the juvenile resident white-tips sleeping under the wreck. Outside of the wreck we came acoss a well camoflaged day octopus who came out to play with us.

Whale Symphony at Night

Aloha and Good Evening folks!

Sponge Crab on the Corsair Wreck dive
Nature has been kind to us the past few days, and it still keeps on giving! Sorry for all you surfers out there, this is scuba diving week. Conditions were excellent as we prepared to leave dock for a two tank Night Diving charter our of Hawaii Kai.