Shakas All Around for Another Great Day of Diving!

We had another beautiful day for diving. The sun out made everyone ready to hop into the water. We made our way out into the bay with Captain Joe at the helm. We hooked up to our first site, Koko Craters. There was a strong surface current, but all the divers still seemed ready to check out what laid underneath us at around 36 feet. We made our way in and descended. On this dive we saw turtles, eels, trigger fish, butterfly fish, and many other types of marine life.

After getting ourselves ready for our second dive site, Turtle Canyons we got everyone ready. The water’s conditions got better with a mild current underneath still at a nice 80 degree temperature. We jumped in at a max of 40 feet in the sand and went exploring all over the fingered reef. We saw star pillows, sea urchins, puffer fish, scorpion fish, parrot fish, and a big moray eel!

A very big shout out to Bill for helping me out with everyone today. We had an Open Water Refresher, students, and other certified divers to share the ocean with us today!

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