Manta Monday ! WOOHOO! 1-29-2018

A beautiful Monday broke out on Island this morning with a light breeze, sunshine, and a band of fun loving scuba divers consisting of Aaron, Brian, Hannah, Jaya, Jonathan, Stephanie, and Andy. The Sea Fox pulled away from the dock right on schedule and after a brief vote it was decided to try Corsair. As fate would have it the current was RIPPING as it sometimes is, but the luck of Poseidon looked up at us and we redirected to do a double drift: Sea Cave and Spitting Caves!

After a short dive briefing we did a negative entry down to the opening of Sea Cave, and as we entered we were met by two White Tip Reef Sharks:

After a short trip through the cave we exited and caught the current west. Lots of reef fish, and a few White Mouth Eels

Then as we rounded a coral formation the highlight of our day:

A beautiful specimen of a MANTA RAY flying right in front of us: talk about EXCITEMENT!

Well that was CRAZY!

Back to the boat and lots of talk of the awesome sight! After a short surface interval it was on to Spitting Caves:

Again dropping down to the wall sight the current picked up and we were on a fast ride! But we did find time to stop at a few of the sites of interest:

Inside a small cave swam another White Tip Reef Shark

and of course more HONU!

What a fantastic day out in Maunalua Bay! Magical seeing the Manta Ray! Thank you to all our divers for being such safe and friendly divers! Till we dive again! ALOHA



Sea Cave 60 Ft

Spitting Caves 50 Ft

H20 73*


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