Mind Blowing Tuesday… 4 10 2018

Well fellow divers as I write this blog entry my mind is still a bit numb from the event of yesterday. So bear with me…

The day began as a blustery Tuesday morning broke while we exited Maunalua Bay. On board the Sea Fox were an excited team of divers consisting of Adam, David, Duane, Joe, Kate, Robert, Taylor, Stacey, Bailley,  and Tom. We decided to drop on our first dive site: LCU.

Landing Craft Utility sits at 90 ft and can host a variety of sea life. It can also make you work hard to see it due to some moderate currents… today she made us work! As we descended down the swim line it was apparent that we were in for some kicking. We dropped down and entered the wreck…

A single 6 ft white tip was lounging inside the wreck… it circled the group a few times and then decided to exit stage left!

After a few laps around the wreck site all our divers ascended safely back to the Fox.

On to the main event!

The Wall. One of my favorite sites due to my recent run ins with Mantas and Monk Seals… its been my year so far! We dropped down to 50ft and proceeded westward as we observed the various fish going through their daily grind.  Now due to my recent Manta action I have a habit of looking out away from the wall, into the open ocean, because that’s where my luck has been. So as I turn to look out I see an object cruising bye about 60 feet away from us…




A 30-40ft WHALE SHARK! WHAT THE? I GO NUTS! I start pointing and I put it in gear! My group sees me going in the opposite direction and see the Whale shark and we all give chase! AMAZING! After a few seconds the Whale Shark kicked it into gear and swam off into the blue… I LOST MY MIND! All my divers were happy and fist pumping after this crazy encounter… the rest of the dive was a blur…

Well back to the boat and all the chatter… what a fantastic day to be a diver. Thank you to all our divers for being safe and joining us today… Till we dive again… ALOHA!




LCU 90ft

Spitting Caves 50FT

Water 73*

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  1. Robert Fleckenstein
    Robert Fleckenstein says:

    Thank You David.
    Seems like all the dives we do with you turn out All-Time. From watching over me (and my bottom time) from the start, “early days” to the latest dive where you spotted a “whale shark” in the most beautiful light blue clear water off Coco Head Crater “in Hawaii” probably a first, you have truly been “the guy”.
    Thanks to the whole staff at Island Divers for making dreams come true.
    God Bless,
    Bob F.


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