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Sunny Days

Summer is gearing up and I love it.  Warm days out scuba diving on Oahu feel good. Plus, finding baby frog fish, and ever hunting for The Elusive Pipefish was a treat today. Even “stomping grapes” or what divers like to call grape suits for post dive clean up wasn’t so bad. I had Miss […]

May 29-Marcus Flys with yellowfin

The Common Longnose Butterflyfish swims under Marcus, schools of Yellowfin Goatfish swim ahead, Marcus flies behind with his free time.  LCU had some treasures on it today, two frog fish, one blueish black the other looked like pink brown reef.  They were beautiful to watch hunting with their mouths agape ready to strike.  Although frog […]

April 13, 2014 – Remarkable Russ’s Scuba Diving

Another windy day in glorious Maunalua Bay, Oahu.  Russ’s exclusive group of divers loaded up the Sea Hound for some underwater exploration. After fresh takes on the giant stride entry, cautious swimming along side the rolling Hound,  and finally descending with ease onto Turtle Canyons Reef we began our dive.  Turtle Canyons  is one of […]

Adventurous April 3, 2014 Diving

April THIRD was windy!  The SeaFox handled a couple nice sized swells today.  All the divers, including Yolanda ,Vincenzo, Cassidy, Chris, Jeff and Dave made it out a safer, more experienced diver. The 4FU Corsair plane crash sank in 1948 when it’s pilot crash landed in the water preserving the plane for the most part. […]

March 27, 2014- Clearfin Lizard Fish Chomps a boxfish

Watching the world through a camera can be frustrating. You miss things, but you also capture things beyond our wildest dreams.  Today’s diving was a good example of this. Klaus and I dove with a group of divers consisting of Jack, Thyra, Brian, Diane, Glenn, Tom, Jesse, James, and Anna.  We dropped on LCU to […]