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August 14- I love scuba diving

Today’s dive at Baby Barge was amazing. The current was strong near the surface and it carried tons of tiny particles.  Some of the particles were the stinging kind and some were the round, translucent, about the size of a dime and had a crazy psycidelic  pattern kind. It made my safety stop with Mike at […]

July 31- Bye bye July

Bye bye July, how quickly time passes when you’re having fun diving with Island Divers Hawaii on Oahu! My divers and I had a wonderful time exploring some newish sites.  We went to Rock Pile, highly recommended for seasoned divers so that you can also drift towards LCU and see some sharks along the way. […]

July 3rd- Eagle Ray Charge

Wow, what a day of scuba diving with some incredibly memorable moments.  Our Hawaii Scuba University divers and a hand full of courageous guests had some big swells roll through us today. Our strong team of divers had  100+ viz, sea life fly bys, and lots of fun, all at  “Sea Cave” and “Turtle Canyon.” […]

June 26- Titan Diving

The ocean’s creatures never cease to amaze me. Our diver Carly found a Titan scorpionfish today at a dive site called Fish Gardens.  This fish was a little over a foot and half and it was sitting near the wall underneath a little ledge.  That was my first time ever seeing a Titan scorpionfish. It […]