Back To School (Of Barracuda!)

A blustery raining morning broke into a nice calm wind as the Sea Fox departed the IDH office enroute to the bay known as Maunalua. A bevy of certified divers the likes of  Charlie, Eric, Guillaume, Natalie, Athina, Holger, and Lucas joined me for a days adventure under the waves. Our first stop: LCU.

Summer Fun on Oahu

It was a nice day out on the water this morning, scuba diving off the southeast side of Oahu.  We had a wonderful group of divers all diving nitrox as we headed to the LCU for the first dive. We had some current as we tied up to the site and some great visibility as we got down the line. There were fish all about the wreck with wrasses, butterflyfish, and snapper swimming about. There were also a couple turtle s resting on the top of the wreck. Soon we were off to the second dive site.

Another Fine Day Out in the Bay!

Yes! Another fine day out in the Maunalua Bay with two really good dives!

Today had a lot going on with people doing either open water, advanced, or just diving for fun. With three instructors: Dave, Alaina, and myself we figured out our groups. Captain Joe gave the briefing and we were on our way to see what we could find. With a water temperature of about 80 degrees the water was becoming very inviting on this hot day.

Diving into August!

It started out just like any other day with beautiful weather and the water looking so inviting. Captain Chris at the helm we made our way out into the bay where we had amazing dives awaiting dsd’s, certs, and even students.

Monday Morning Diving

Today was a glorious day on the water with over 100 feet of visibility, calm seas and light winds. Delightful times were had by all.

Dive Sites: Corsair, max depth 107 ft., 100+ ft. visibility

Spitting Caves: max depth 60ft., 100 ft. visibility

Weekend Diving

Today was a delightful charter chock full of Open Water Students, Certified Divers, and first timers. The sun was shining, the wind was light and the seas were flat. Our divers enjoyed excellent underwater visibility and dove with a variety of Hawaiian sea creatures.

Dive Sites: Koko Craters, max depth 36 ft., 100+ ft. visibility

Going Deep on Aloha Friday!

The sun rose on a beautiful Aloha Friday morning as the Sea Fox departed the dock enroute to the dive site Corsair. On board were a great group of divers consisting of Francito, George, Jake, Joshua, Michelle, Josh, Tim and OWSI David. Great weather, calm water, and excitement were the order of the day…

Hump Day Diving!

Oh Wednesday. A day that is either half empty/ or half full, depending on your outlook. A divers outlook: A GREAT DAY TO BE BELOW THE WAVES! A great group of divers consisting of Daniel, Grace, Meghan, Joe, Jackie, Kaz. Michelle, Sebastian, and Terrence boarded the Sea Fox for a day of adventure. The weather out in Maunalua Bay was good, the currents were up, and visibility was 80 feet plus. All in all great conditions for diving. So on to our first wreck… LCU.

Heat Wave?!? Let’s Go Diving!!!

There is no better way to escape the heat then go diving! Well that’s what 6 other certified and 1 DSD divers thought as well. So everyone showed up ready to go, boat briefing was done, and we were on our way to the open sea. The water temperature was around 79 degrees and everyone was ready to take a plunge into the aqua blue Pacific waters.

Celebrating New Beginnings and New Adventures!

July 7, 2017 started out as any other day as we got the Sea Fox ready for another trip out into the Maunalua Bay. Everything was set and this day was special because out of the many people who were going on the dive we had two honeymoon couples on board! What better way than to spend their honeymoon by diving in our beautiful Pacific waters!